Inconel 625 Pressure Gauge

High accuracy level in the measurement of corrosive fluids
and long life span in case of steady pulsating vibrations

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Pressure transmitter for industrial application

Even more fully satisfying and complete instruments
with higher performances and quality standards

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Prova insieme_1_1

ST2 piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter

More complete, more precise, higher performances

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New TB9 bi-metal thermometer

All stainless steel construction bulb diameter 1/4″, shortest length 2½”,
in conformity with the ASME B40.3 directive:
here is the new Nuova Fima TB9

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Pressure Gauges DN 63
S2 Safety

One more step towards safety
MGS10 – MGS18 DN 63 – EN 837 – S2 Conformity

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