Finishings as per ASME BPE

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The demand for applications products with a higher quality  finishing is growing increasingly. Nuova Fima is focusing on this market’s need and is introducing a new level for finishing  for products and accessories destined to the sanitary and pharmaceutical sector.

Thanks to a new finishing  as per ASME BPE, Nuova Fima is joining the pharmaceutical and biotechnology application sector. The SP pressure gauge and the MGS9/AL diaphragm seal will be immediately available with this new  level for finishing.


SP – Sanitary pressure gauges DS 2.5”, 4” (63-100mm)

These instruments are designed for use in sanitary, pharmaceutical and food processing industry. They are manufactured in accordance with the n° 74-06 della 3-A (Sanitary Standards Inc.) standard specifications. They are suitable to be subjected to procedures for CIP/SIP cleaning at temperatures up to 140°C and are autoclavable at temperatures up to 150°C. In order to facilitate the cleaning procedures the finishing level of the wetted parts reaches 0,38 µm as per  ASME BPE SF4 also on the weld bead. The identification with serial number guarantees a complete traceability of the product and the assembling of  pressure gauge and diaphragm seal decreases the  internal volumes  of the FDA approved transmission fluid resulting in a reduction of the thermal drift error.


MGS9/AL – Clamp connection diaphragm seal 

They are designed to isolate the pressure gauges, pressure switches and pressure transmitters sensing element from process fluids which may be viscous and sedimentous  and which could occur in sanitary, food processing and pharmaceutical plants. The diaphragm faced position and the level of finishing up to a 0,38 µm as per  ASME BPE SF4 also on the weld bead permit a deep CIP/DIP cleaning at temperatures up to 140°C.