Separador de fluido para alta pressão com membrana superior e conexão roscada

Diaphragm seals are designed to isolate the sensing element of pressure gauges, pressure switches and electronic pressure transmitter from process fluids which may be corrosive, viscous, sedimentous and/or with a high temperature. The diaphragm is mechanically clamped between the upper housing and intermediate ring and is leak proof tested to guarantee fill fluid separation from process fluid. Model MGS9/1A0 is cleaned by removing the lower housing from the intermediate ring. Both models are without sealing gaskets. This construction feature and its compact design suits many application that require frequent maintenance, for model MGS9/1A0.

Setor industrial:
  • Energia
  • Máquinas (OEM)
Condições de utilização:
  • Versão ATEX
  • Fluidos cristalizáveis
  • Fluidos viscosos
  • Fluidos corrosivos
  • Fluidos sedimentados
  • Alta pressão
  • Alta temperatura de processo
  • Directiva ATEX 2014/34/UE
  • Acessórios
  • Separadoe de fluido
  • Aço Inox com materiais especiais
Conexāo ao processo:
  • Roscada
  • 0...60 / 0…600bar
Elemento sensível:
  • Membrana
Material conexāo ao processo:
  • AISI 316 L, Hastelloy C 276
Material elemento sensível:
  • AISI 316 L, Hastelloy C 276, Monel 400
  • Metálica

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