Nuova Fima have been manufacturing Pressure & Temperature Instruments for more than 50 years.
Most of the components used in the manufacture of it’s Instruments are produced internally in the Nuova Fima Factory. All raw materials are selected with strategic precision, allowing the production & service standards to operate at a very high level of Quality.

Automatic process of cases printing

Robotised area for stainless steel AISI316 components
All components both for Mechanical & Electronic Instruments are produced on modern automated machinery, optimising costs & guaranteeing precision & the exact specification.
The Bourdon tube is the Heart of the measuring system for Pressure Instruments. The materials for the Bourdon tube are Copper alloys & Stainless Steel [ strictly AISI 316L ] & are formed on special machines, developed after many years of Research , which is representative of the Company ” know how “.The formation of the finished Bourdon tube are checked by a very accurate dimensional control system & material trace ability is achieved through a laser marking system.

Process control of pressure gauges elastic element production

Automatised welding for stainless steel components
The welding & brazing procedures are certified by Professional bodies & use modern automatic . robotic systems, complimented by highly competent Operators which is a key factor in our Company success.
All welding components are tested through a Helium leak detector, able to measure leakages of 1 x 10-7 mbar/l/s-1.
All calibration & assembly procedures are achieved by the use of high productivity automated systems, designed specifically for us. The collaboration of our highly trained Technicians completes these manufacturing procedures.
Our manufacturing techniques guarantee the reliability of measurement accuracy & repeatability which is an essential in Nuova Fima being at the forefront of the competition in the Pressure & Temperature Instrument marketplace.

Automatised assembling and calibration for brass pressure gauges DN63 production

In the early 1970’s, long before Quality systems were considered essential Nuova Fima introduced systems to control the quality of raw materials, components, & the finished products. We started a policy of training highly qualified Staff to carry out our Quality systems. This continues to the present day. It is constantly improved ensuring that the Quality of the European produced Nuova Fima Instruments cannot be beaten.